Orchid Garden

The Conversation-min

The Conversation

Spirits Rising-min

Spirits Rising

Mother And Daughters-min

Mother And Daughters

Green Goddess-min

Green Goddess

Free My Spirit-min

Free My Spirit

"Although my imagery is mainly figurative, the concepts behind the visual statement deal with very personal expressions."

“I have made political statements, personal statements revolving around close relationships in my life; statements about the condition of women and the roles they play; statements about the connections I feel to my ancestry; statements about spirituality and strength of women. Some themes are repeated; they seem to re-emerge as I try to express the moment, the concept, in a better way.

The most important turning point for me in terms of style and technique came when I changed from painting in oils, then to acrylics, and then moved to water-based media. I have found in that transition the freedom of working with color and the ability to achieve greater fluidity in line and brush. The use of collage and mixed-media techniques has opened and expanded my vision to perhaps a more abstract image, but certainly, one which I still feel is strongly expressive of who I am as an artist”.

Blue Lady Blue Dreams-min

Blue Lady Blue Dreams



Family Dreams Acrylic

Family Dreams

Grandma Was 105-min

Grandma Was 105

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