2014 - 2015 - Revelations Of Goddesses


Eleanor Merritt's retrospective exhibit Revelations of Goddesses, was exhibited at Le Musée de f.p.c in New Orleans, Louisianna and the Houston Museum of African American Culture, in Houston, Texas.

The collection includes strong mystical female images that seem to explode on surfaces through the combined use of acrylics, inks and paper materials.

  • Golden Goddess

    GOLDEN GODDESS Mixed Media

  • Ancestral Dream Dance

    Ancestral Dream Dance Acrylic on canvas

  • Blue Dancer, Blue Mood

    Dancer Blue Mood Acrylic on canvas

  • Blue Lady Blue Dreams

    Blue Lady Blue Dreams Oil on canvas

  • Corn Goddess

    Corn Goddess Acrylic

  • Green Goddess

    Green Goddess Mixed Media

  • Juno and Persephone

    Juno and Persephone Mixed Media

  • Prima Vera

    Prima Vera Mixed Media

  • Prophet

    Prophet Acrylic on canvas

  • Spirits and Shadows, Purple

    Spirits and Shadows, Purple Mixed Media

  • Trio, Brown

    Trio, Brown :Acrylic on Burlap

  • She Kept Running

    She Kept Running :Mixed Media Private Collection

  • Free My Spirit

    Free My Spirit :Conte Crayon Private Collection

  • Three Queens

    Three Queens :Acrylic on Canvas Private Collection

  • Looking in Looking Out

    Looking in Looking Out :Mixed Media Private Collection

  • Spirits Rising

    Spirits Rising :Acrylic on Canvas Private Collection